Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wheels That Don't Roll

I'm pretty sure that when the ancient Egyptians, cavemen, or whoever invented the wheel, for all intents and purposes, it was supposed to make life easier. So why, oh why, do the wheels on IV poles not roll?

For about 6-7 hours in a hospitalized day, I am attached to my IV pole due to the multiple medications that I am taking. The pole, I'm certain, was manufactured somewhere in China, possibly with lead, about the same time that I was also born...27 years ago. In that time, for whatever reason, the five wheels that "mobilize" my trusty companion have locked up, be it from dirt, old age, poor maintenance. I'm not sure.

However, this impacts my ability to do ANYTHING while I'm one with the pole. I have approximately a five feet radius (thank goodness that's as big as my hopital room is!) around which I can manuveur. How hard can it be to perform simple maintenance on these plastic components? Or god forbid that the hopital use the tens of thousands of dollars that I am paying (via insurance) while in here to replace these malfunctioning pieces!

As I am forced to scoot my IV pole instead of rolling it, I would venture to say that the purpose of the wheel, or five wheels, has been entirely overlooked. I will take the time to thank the inventor of lanolium, though. Thank you for allowing me a smooth surface on which I can SCOOT my IV pole!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Am I a Grown-up Yet?

All signs point to "yes." Aside from marriage and children, I am now as grown-up as one could be. I am nearing the closing date on my very first home! It was quite a simple, suprisingly simple search. I knew that I could not afford the suburbs yet, and quite frankly, since I'm kid-free, there's really no reason for me to be a suburbian.

My mother, on the other hand, has a major issue with me moving into WACO! I understand the complex about WACO, and am not the biggest fan myself. I mean, when you think about all the social opportunities in Dallas, Austin, etc., Waco is a sad little place.
That being said, I can't express how much I appreciate being near my family. Since I am now teaching, there really aren't any financial advantages to living in a big city. So I am sadly accepting my role as a Wacoan, but proudly and excitedly emerging as a bona fide adult!

Although my house isn't as big as what I was in the market for, I absolutely fell in love with it as soon as I walked in. The feature that reeled me in: this huge window in the front. This will be my view from the living room. The opposite wall also has three not-quite-as-big windows, so the house just lights up.

Other features I loved were the remodeled kithchen and refinished original hardwood floors. Once I have closed, I will post a picture of me pulling out that "For Sale" sign! I absolutely cannot wait!