Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feline Hostility

About 2 months ago my sister brought home a new addition to our family - Jorge, pronounced with Spanish sounds. He is a very cute black kitten, pictured above. He has lead me to discover that I don't like kittens. My dislike for kittens teeters on the verge of hatred actually. He is destructive, careless, mean, and stupid as all get out!

My greatest sadness stems from the alienation of Kitty (the original cat of the house picture in the sink below). She despises him so much that she won't stay in the house for more than just a few minutes to eat. On more than one occasion I have woken up to Jorge intentionally taunting her while she tries to slumber. She growls at the sight of him, hisses, paws, and does her best to defend her territory. I know that she would have put him in his place, but she has no claws. She was intended to be an inside cat so I had her declawed years ago. Now she would rather brave the creatures of the night with minimal defenses instead of facing her arch nemesis within the confines of her home. Am I the worst mother in the world? How long will it take for her to adjust? I am so sad.

To my few readers: I hope that you are not judging me for writing about my cat instead of the monumental election yesterday!