Monday, April 5, 2010

Original Gangsta

I must admit that the free apps offered for the iPhone impress me. In fact, I am somewhat embarrassed that the obviously simple and monotonous tasks offer me a significant amount of entertainment. Two of my favorites have been "Line Up" and "Traffic." I need not bore you with the simple objects of these games. I must move on to Steven's most recent download and the title of this blog - "Original Gangsta."

First of all, I had to look beyond the elements of the game that are down right disturbing so that I could appreciate the hilarious stupidity. Outrageous features include creating look-outs, fighting in gang wars, drive-bys (some of which result in hospitalization), hiding dirty guns, robbing liquor stores, midnight muggings, stealing government checks, and corner exchanges (just to name a few).

Two nights ago as I mocked Steven's involvement in this game, I noticed that he had $35,000 in his gangsta bank. I assume this is where the dirty drug money is laundered...he's a smart thug. A few screens and gun fights later, he had the opportunity to buy street creds. This in and of itself made me chuckle. The screen actually had numbers of street creds ranging from 10 to 2700. I mean, did you know that street credit had a numerical value? So beside each amount of street cred was a dollar amount. Having just seen how wealthy my drug-smugglin fiance was, I encouraged him to spring for all 2700 street creds for a measly $149.99.

After a few taps and confirming his e-mail address, we finally realized that Original Gangsta was about to try to charge his account 150 REAL DOLLARS for make-believe street creds!

Does this disturb anyone else? on a lot of levels?! I assume that the fact that the option to purchase 2700 street creds for $150 even exists means that someone has actually made this purchase!

People, you have chosen a cheesy free app and find it reasonable to spend real money on street creds! I don't get it!! Steven refuses to pay any amount of real money for street cred; he's going to earn it the old fashioned way - hard knocks. And as a result, I suppose he will never be competitive with the ignorant fool who paid real money for his street credit. Rest assured, I am very proud of my original gangsta and his efforts to turn the slums of his iPhone into profitable drug rings.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It IS a Big Deal!

FIVE DAYS! I have been officially engaged for five days! I've had a fiance for five days! And even though we were laying the foundation for a wedding even before the engagement, it was still so amazing to have Steven ask me to spend the rest of my life with him!

Steven was planning to bring me lunch Monday. I was excited about not having to eat cafeteria food! As I walked my kids to lunch, I saw Steven waiting near the office. He was dressed more nicely than usual (also noted by Mrs. Wommack when she passed me). I replied to Mrs. Wommack, "I know. He sure looks good today, doesn't he?" I suspected he was just trying to make a good impression with his professors since it was the first day of class.

When I approached him, he embraced me full on front-hug, which we usually don't do at school...not exactly appropriate. I obliged the gesture but quickly suggested that we should untangle ourselves. How embarassing would it be if I got in trouble for PDA as a teacher?! So I picked up the Jason's Deli sack, unknowingly foiling his original plan, and we started to my classroom. When I was sure that there weren't any students around, I grabbed his hand. After all, I didn't want him to think that I didn't appreciate his affection. I noticed that his hands were sweaty and asked if he was nervous about something. From behind us, I heard a fellow teacher shouting, "PDA. PDA." I knew that would happen! I'm telling you, we are not inappropriately affectionate at school, ever! We both just snickered about it, but no more than 5 steps later, he was pulling the JD sack out of my hand and pulled me into another bear hug. I still didn't "get it."

So my head was leaned against his chest and he started to tell me that he had something he needed to talk to me about. I looked up at him and noticed that his eyes were red and watery. I was starting to get it now. He professed that the past year and a half had been the best of his life and that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me. And then...

This picture was a re-enactment. As he started to go down to his knee, I heard one of the teachers shriek in excitement when she realized what was going on! I, of course, said yes!!!! And the news and pictures had been sent to the entire campus before we even got to my classroom!

I know what some of you may be thinking..."At school?!?!" Steven faced a challenge deciding how to surprise me with the proposal. Even though I didn't know he already had the ring, I was expecting this soon. If he had suggested we take a stroll in the park or get dressed up for a romantic evening, I would have figured it out! I mean, this TOTALLY caught me by surprise. Totally!!!

Since then, the excitement hasn't stopped surprising me. When my kids came back for study hall, the hall errupted in cheers and applause. Who would have suspected that 10- and 11-year-old girls AND boys would even care, let alone express excitement and joy? One of my students who often journals about what a mean teacher I am immediately came to give me a hug! Two mornings later as I was walking down the sidewalk to school (beside the drop-off line) I had a mom shout to me, "Hey Miss Wilson, let me see your ring!" She informed me that her daughter just went on and on about it. I had a student already ask me if I would like some mongrammed towels!

On the more amusing side, I also had one of my FAVORITE students (who happens to have asperger's...which often translates to no filter) tell me, "My mom is going to have something to say about this. You have a LONG road ahead of you!" He's very intense!

Needless to say, nothing has been able to rain on my parade this week (except for 6th period)! I've been on cloud nine and can't believe how real having this ring on my finger makes our love and commitment to each other!