Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tastes Like Chicken

I can honestly say that I grew up in a fairly rural part of Texas. I raised sheep in FFA; I sustained my first broken wrist when I was bucked off a horse. However, these did not prepare me for what I saw yesterday as I left school. Just to set up the scene a little better, you should know that some of my kids have told me stories about riding burros (donkeys), which I thought were just for keeping the coyotes from attacking cattle (told you I was rural), and fighting cocks (chickens), which I think is illegal. ? Anywho, as I exited the parking lot of the school, I spied a young boy walking down the road with a white something in his hand. As I approached, it took all my might to not stop to take a picture of this young boy, for in his hands was a dead chicken! That's right, a dead chicken! I'm thinking that this fellow was carrying dinner joke. Either that or he was the weaker cock. Regardless, I find it fairly amusing that I blog and and shop in stores like Banana, Ann Taylor, and teach students who wrangle up their own dinner, literally.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Truth Be Known

I haven't blogged in quite some time, but it's not because I am forgetting. So I asked myself this morning if I was really this boring, and truth be known: Yes, I am! :o( I had a wonderfully filling (literally) Thanksgiving, but nothing magnificent. My classroom stinks this morning as it is the first time I've turned on the heater. My principal will observe me this week for which I am totally unprepared...and should be fine tuning lesson plans as opposed to blogging!

Oh - I just remember something AWFUL! I ran over Ning's laptop last weekend, the one that he has so generously entrusted me with on a semi-permanent basis. Although I didn't fully run over it, I did nick it with my tire. I messed up one little LCD thingy and now the whole darn screen is haywire! How, you ask, did I manage this? While loading up, I left my stuff behind my truck as I went inside to get my keys to unlock it...then I forgot about it after bidding my grandparents farewell. It was quite the tragedy.

But on a lighter note, I am going to Taiwan for Christmas! (the 22nd through the 1st) Surely I will have something to blog about then! I'm really excited and nervous...and I've been practicing what I'm going to say when I get there: "What did they say?" "What are they talking about?" :o) I have a feeling Ning is going to get sick and tired of translating for me!

I think this turned out to be an okay blog after all.

Friday, November 9, 2007

If I had only four words...

If I told you to write a sentence using any four words in the English language, what would you say?

I learned quickly as a teacher that my instructions can NEVER be too detailed! Today I gave my 4th graders their vocab quiz, which included the instructions, "Choose four words and use them in a sentence correctly." I, of course, meant vocab words. You probably see where I'm going with this...

The first little boy gets done WAY too fast so I ask to see his paper. Under these instructions he has written the sentence, "I love you mom." Not a single vocab word...nothing to do with a vocab test at all. I couldn't help but to laugh a little out loud at how literally he took my instructions. And I almost think that I should call his mom to inform her that if her little angel only had four words to choose in the entire world, that's what they would be!